Thursday, June 17, 2010

Power of Digits

PATRICK Tan and David Hew exchanged business cards when they met. By a twist of fate, they became business partners. For them, numbers are a big deal, for their business revolves around numbers.

They wear rings and pendants bearing their lucky numbers, and place plaques – with the numbers five and nine – in their office.

Both are co-founders of Visiber Sdn Bhd in Petaling Jaya. Visiber is a word coined from vision and numbers.

David Hew with some Visiber number pendants and number plaques in pewter

“Visiber is a methodology based on numbers (birth date) that allows us to have a pre-cognitive approach (a forecast) of what will happen in the future,” says Hew, 39. This methodology is said to determine the behavioural pattern of a person’s character, sub-conscious mind and external personality.

The company’s brochure on its philosophy cites Pythagoras, the Father of Modern Mathematics, who once said, “The world is built upon the power of numbers. The entire universe is composed of mathematical patterns and all things can be expressed in numbers, which correspond to universal vibrations. These numbers determine our personalities, shape our future and create opportunities for the individual.”

The Visiber method uses the numbers one to nine, each denoting something. No.1 is for leadership, No.2 – communication, No.3 – action, No.4 – planning, No.5 – sense of direction, No.6 – wisdom, No.7 – networking, No.8 – responsibility and No.9 – success.

Hew says that based on the Visiber method, his character number is No.3. So he will choose a set of numbers that are good for him such as six, three and four.

If he wants wealth, he will need action. So he needs to wear a number three that is symbolic of action. If he wants supporters (in his business), he needs the number seven and if he wants success, he needs the number nine. Since his character number is three, he needs to choose the numbers four and six respectively (for supporters and success) to get seven and nine.

"The combination of numbers is to enhance an individual’s state of mental well-being and positive thinking. One also has to have the right attitude,” he says.

As for sceptics who doubt that wearing certain numbers will bring them luck, Hew says: “It works for me and many others.

Why would a former CEO (referring to himself) develop a system of numbers to help others? At the end of the day, life is not about money but it has to be meaningful.”

He added that if the Visiber methodology did not work, there would be no copycats (referring to those who purportedly pirated the company’s jewellery in cold enamel and white gold with diamonds).

Hew concedes that “Visiber has created a numbers culture and teaches students to think positively. Actions and thoughts are constructive.

A person’s character is influenced by thoughts and behaviour (actions), which will influence the outcome of destiny – whether good or bad.

"All numbers are good and can be used to decode behaviour,” says Tan, 37. He insisted, “Visiber doesn’t teach people to be superstitious but to have a logical mind. Number can improve your life."

Number rings and pendants from Visiber.

Christina Chey, 37, feels comfortable around the number seven. “I like the number. Later, I learnt that my birth chart has three sets of seven (the number seven is symbolic of supporters).” She says that numbers have helped her family, especially her daughter En Zi, three, who used to cry after every meal and would twist her leg. It was from the understanding of numbers that she deduced that her daughter had an ovary problem.

She claims that, by wearing number pendants and changing their Chinese names, her marriage has improved. By placing No.2 (pewter number frame) – which stands for communication, according to Visiber methodology – in her bedroom, the couple is communicating better.

Stephanie Goh, 40, insurance agent, has the character No.2. She wears a pendant No.5 (2 + 5= 7) to derive No.7, which is symbolic of supporters. After that, she claims, “It is easy to close sales and clients would call me up.” She also placed two numbers, five and seven, near the main door, in the hope of getting “high-end” (rich) clients. She says that her luck has changed for the better.

Source from The Star, 5 July 2007